Ausgewählte CDs:

Marzette Watts "New Music - the Second Wave"
Arista Freedom
Gunther Hampel "Journey to the Song within"
"Out from Under"; Birth Records
Jeanne Lee "Conspiracy", Seeds Records
Gunther Klatt "Strangehorn", Eigen
Paul Grabowsky "The Moon And You", WEA
Der Rote Bereich "Tatort", Jazz4ever
Progressive Steps "Hardcore", Flash Records
Embryo "Ibn Battuta", Schneeball Records

Aufnahmen unter eigenem Namen:

"Trance" Circle Records
"Nightwork" Enja Records
"Red White Black and Blue" , Tutu Records
'Live' from the Int. Jazzfest Münster" Tutu Records
"Borderlines" Tutu Records
"Phases of the Moon" Tutu Records
"Theory of Strange" Enja Records
"Fractal Gumbo" Tutu Records